This amazing and unique landscape formation was carved out by the Swakop River over thousands of years. It is known as the Moon Valley and approximately 35 km east of Swakopmund. The area is well known for its rocky and granite landscape.

The Tour:

Our tour starts in Walvis Bay or Swakopmund. We explore the gravel plains and Swakopriver area with special care not to cause any damage eco system and environment. With desert adapted plants and lots of different small living creatures and even larger mammals such as Ostrich, Springbok, Oryx and Baboons, you will find that the desert has a lot of hidden life in it. Great care is always taken to protect the environment and animal/plants in the area.
With plenty of time available for stops to take photo’s and discover the beauty of the environment, we will also discuss different geological features, the fauna and flora and how it is uniquely adapted for the harsh conditions.
During our visit in the area we find a suitable place to stop and serve a selection of sweet and savoury snacks with sparkling wine and soft drinks.

Tour Details

We depart from the 81 Union Steet or at your place of accommodation in Walvis Bay or Swakopmund. The time of departure will be confirmed with your booking.

Half day tour, approximately 5 hours

All vehicles are 4X4 and adhere to strict safety and licensing regulations according to our Ministry of Transport and Tourism board. All vehicles will always be in neat and clean and in good condition. Vehicles are fully insured and surveyed annually for roadworthiness. The drivers will have valid Public Driving Permits and valid Licences at all times. Safety equipment and first aid kits are provided in each vehicle.

The 1500 year old Welwichia Mirabilis plants and the Goani Kontes oasis and stunning views over the Moon valley

Tour Price:

Adults – N$700.00

Children under 12 years old - N$350.00

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